You want an accident? I will give you one!

You all know about that chinese child who got overrun by a car and those people who saw her and didn't try to help her.

One reason that they didn't try to get involved is that there are many cases where someone acts like he is injured and when you try to help him, he will sue you and claim that you have hurt him. For example an old man has fallen on the ground, after you help him standup, he will again (intentionaly) fall and claim that you have pushed him. And then you will get into a lot of trouble to prove that you are the good guy!

Look at this short video (Gif animation, you might need to wait for it to load completely first). I don't know the story of this video, but this is my story: This guy wanted to make it look like a car accident scene and then ask for money, but he never thought that this could become a real car accident!



Do you think he deserved it? You can either
Look only at his act, (trying to earn money from the driver in a wrong way)
Think about the consequences of his act (Making people scared of helping the ones in need. This guy could potentially be the reason of the death of many others just like that chinese girl that we talked about earlier.)

Anyway, I just wanted to share the joy of watching these kind of guys getting punished!

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Comment by Wendy Wei on October 29, 2011 at 11:17pm
So whats your idea?
Comment by Amin on October 29, 2011 at 11:10pm
One my chinese friends suggested:
We take out our phone and record a video of ourself before and during the helping. This best works if your friend takes the video while you are helping. But when you are alone it is more complicated.
Comment by Wendy Wei on October 29, 2011 at 11:07am
when we meet someone fallen on the ground, the best way is all the witness to help him/her standup, then he/ she dont know who should be accused...

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