tonight i spent a really nice time with some my friends and some academic masters in CIS which turns out to be quite nice.

  well here is the problem: i do not think we had probed much deeply a we can into this topic. many of us just explained it literally from the level of one's personality and relevant interests, well i do think this topic worth thinking over.

  who am i? kinda a pholosophical question. and surely does it.

  who am i? a student, a lawyer, a daughter, a son or a freelance? yep during each period of ous life span, we are entitled with different calls. well intrinsincly, who am i, the uniques that separte me form any other in this world, yes you are the unique one, the one nobody can replace in this world, that what you are! not just the collection of bones and fleshes, but also in the uttermost deep heart, the ont u think who u are!

   according to revolutional theories, we human being are generated and revolved from animals, from the simple primitive living things in the ocean to te complicated monkeys, so here are we annimals or like most of us say, the advanced annimals? some people may argue that we are differentfrom annimals for ability to think to invent things, is this true? for i know that chimpazee can also invent things and thinkout the ways to get their food down. so what's the case?

    yep pondering ................


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Comment by Eric Maxwell on February 25, 2013 at 3:06am

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