1.            from the first cry to the last breath, most of us call this process life. long or short, glorious or plain, ups and downs.or simply defined as laughters and tears. each of us,every independent has his or her own way to live his or her life, obviously we are the masters of our lives.
        well, more than once, there occurs some times we cannot help ourselves ponder this question:what do we live for?
       like the lyrics wrote in the songs, some people live for the fortune, some people live for the power, some.people live,just for play a game, the existed versions upon this are enormous. well the later lyrics say, but everything means nothing, something like buddha thing maybe,anyway religions can be wildly spreaded and inherited by endless masses, cause they do manifest some forever truths and guidances that can be used to direct our often confused lives.
        the happy thing is the book i read , the.definition about life really astonished me, it says the purpose we came to this world is not for being the slaves for time and money but to learn who we really are and enjoy being who we truly are at the same time. personally, i have to convince.myself its the best definition i have ever met.
      so here we go, my lovely,dear friends its soimportant to know ourselves rather than the exterior world, comfort , protect and tell our heart, we are who we are, everything is gonna be fine, just being you ,be simple and happy, morning !

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