A blind man was starting to learn a language, but no one would teach him. One day a stranger came over and asked why he seemed unhappy. The blind man showed the stranger his blind eyes and his blank notebook.

The stranger said:

“Let me write something in your notebook.”

A few years later, the stranger met the blind man by accident, and he recognized that he could speak many languages.

“What was it you wrote in in my notebook the last time we met?” the blind man asked the stranger.

The stranger replied: “All I wrote was `Today is a beautiful day. People communicate with each other using a beautiful language. Fortunately, I am only blind and not dumb so I can still communicate with my mouth!'”

(ps:The original article from my favorite writer Paule, its so beautiful, that makes me think my poor language skill, then I rewrite it, just stand for my personal thinking most of time I am afraid of speaking English in public because of my poor pronunciation and intonation, but I try, and I speak, forgive my poor English:)

Rita Wendy(魏喜童) 2011-11-08

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Comment by Wendy Wei on November 8, 2011 at 10:57pm

Bi hu, ni de zhong wen jin bu hen da^^

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