Looking for Fresh Food Consumers & Food Safety Managers; 寻找追求新鲜食品的消费者和关心食品安全的管理人员

Newman Tours are looking to conduct paid interviews with the following kinds of people in Xi'an:

- Chinese men (aged 20-60) and Chinese women (aged 30-60) for whom food safety and freshness is very important; 1000RMB for 5-6 hour interview.

- Managers of any nationality working for large companies within the realm of food, food & tech, retail, food service and agriculture that are in some way at the forefront of dealing with food safety and/or freshness in food; 800RMB for 1-3 hour interview.

If you fit one of the descriptions outlined above and would like to participate in this event then please send your CV and your mobile number to jobs@newmantours.com
Newmantours.com 正在西安招募符合以下条件的付费采访者:

——中国男性(20 - 60岁)和中国女性(30 - 60岁),受访者应该对食品安全和保鲜非常重视;1000元5 - 6小时的采访。

—— 在食品生产技术,销售服务,农业领域里,涉及食品安全或食品保鲜,大型国企私营或跨国企业的前线管理人员。受访者没有国籍限制。 受访者需要接受15分钟的电话筛选,选中后需要参加1 - 3小时的面试,将收到800元报酬。 


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