Have you ever wanted to be in a movie?   Here's your chance.  


I'm putting together a film project with some friends here in Xi'an.  It's not

for fame, it's for fun.  The end-result is pretty professional, but it's not a 

money-making thing.  


The film is an adaptation of "Crime and Punishment".  There are some

Chinese actors, some American/English actors.


For the Chinese parts, Emmy, Ivan, and Teddy must speak English.  

All these roles are for men, except Emmy.  We can work around your

schedule.  Each 'day' is about 1-2 hours of you being there.  Most things

will shoot indoors, near Southgate.  We need people who look good on

camera and are reliable.  If one person doesn't show up, the whole day

can be lost.  So, you need to commit, if you commit.  No experience 




Chinese actors:

Major roles (multiple days)

Emmy (20-25 years old)

Ivan (28-35 years old)


Small roles (one day)

Lizav (35-45)

Tan (28-35)

Teddy (34-45)

Lem (28-38)

Registrar (25-55)

Taxi Driver (27-50)

Construction worker 1 and 2 (27-50)

Painter 1 and 2 (20-34)

Guard (32-60)


Western actors:

Natalie (22-36) - Main character's sister

Disaffected Ex-pat (25-45) - New acquaintance of the main actor (male role)


Emmy and Natalie’s scenes will film this month (June), and the other parts will shoot in July.


Please comment if you'd like to be considered for the part.  Please upload an appropriate picture.  If you are suitable, I will send you the script for your character, and you can decide if you want to do it.  


I will post a sample of my work in another post.  





Details about the roles:

Emmy is Rask’s Chinese girlfriend.  She is attractive and moody.  A little superficial, but with a good heart. 

Ivan is a laid-back, friendly clerk who works at the police station.

Lizav is the manager of the construction site, he is mild, subdued and exudes authority.

Tan is an assistant at the construction site, he is very friendly and easy-going

Teddy is the chief criminal investigator, he is level-headed and a thinker

Lem is the assistant criminal investigator.  He is hot-headed.

The Registrar is in charge of schedules at the uni.  She is practical. 

Taxi Driver -  Quiet, imaginative

Construction Worker 1 - A bit nervous, energetic, and with a blue-collar look
Construction Worker 2 - Somewhat relaxed and with a blue-collar look 

Painter 1 - Almost too thin, easy-going 
Painter 2 -  Thin, easy-going

Guard - Relaxed, careful, and aware of things.  


About me:

member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)

produced a film "Absolution" (still in post-production) shot entirely on greenscreen

worked as an actor and extra in Hollywood in over 100 productions.

directed and produced a musical (at the Berklee College of Music)

performed in over 200 professional comedy shows

directed 3 theater groups

musical director for 3 professional groups


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Comment by peace.valley on July 25, 2011 at 10:54pm
hello ... i wanna participate ... my age is 21 and im foreigner student here studying medical here ..nowadays i have holidays ... you can contact me through my email kamransarwar007@gmail.com
Comment by Wendy Wei on June 23, 2011 at 8:09am
I wanna to try. but worried my lazy English:)
Comment by Deliah on June 22, 2011 at 2:18pm
Thanks man. doubt i'll make it to the paintball, have an exam on Sunday.:( and no, am not always this busy and its definitely not the reason why am constantly bored! lol
Comment by Deliah on June 22, 2011 at 12:14pm
oh yeah, it was on the night of my birthday. couldn't make it... but been to the rest!
Comment by Deliah on June 22, 2011 at 11:13am

lol seriously, i've tried everything... am always there for the "dinner and a movie" thing even but nope, never is for me! :(  

"...it's not you, it's me!" lol anyway, am sure i'll get the hang of this place, like in a few more years i guess.

Comment by Deliah on June 20, 2011 at 4:13pm
sounds fun, Xi'an is beyond boring for me so this sounds exciting enough for me to want to be part of. Although am not much of an actoress as I find it hard keeping a straight face through just about anything, plus am not exactly Western or Chinese so can't really play any role. Well, not according to the script atleast. But if you ever need vocals for any other musical productions in the future, i'll be happy to be apart of it. All the best man!

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