Looking for a native Chinese speaker with good English skills, 3500-4500 RMB

Are you energetic, serious about teaching but just waiting for that "right" opportunity to come along?

If so, this could be your chance!

We are a small, growing school located at LiJiaCun Wanda plaza. We are looking for the right candidate to come in and join us in growing together. For the right candidate, you could eventually grow into a management position with a higher salary. However, there are some requirements:

* You must be energetic and open-minded
* You must genuinely enjoy teaching
* You must be available 5 days a week, Wednesday - Friday from 5-9, and Saturday and Sunday for most of the day. This is not meant to be a "side job", we are looking for someone who can dedicate their full energy and effort to being part of something special.
* You must be willing to teach kindergarten, primary school, and middle school students
* You must be from China (preferably Xi'an), a native Chinese speaker, female, 25-35 years old, have a good understanding of English grammar, be able to communicate well in English, and be responsible.

If any of these do not describe you, this job is not what you are looking for.

The environment is very relaxed and free-flowing, we will never try to exploit you or tell you one thing and turn around and demand something else, we want you to be part of our TEAM, not just an employee. Your duties would include assisting the foreign teacher in the classroom during class (mainly discipline and helping with games) as well as calling and talking to parents.

This is a unique opportunity, and as such we are looking for a unique candidate.

If this is you, then by all means send us an email and let's talk! english@atmxian.com
Hope to hear from you!

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