Duān wǔ jié
The Dragon Boat Festival
[释义] 端午节为每年农历五月初五,是中国国家法定节假日之一,并已被列入世界非物质文化遗产名录。端午节起源于中国,最初是中国人民祛病防疫的节日。后因诗人屈原在这一天死去,便成了中国汉族人民纪念屈原的传统节日。端午节有吃粽子,喝雄黄酒,赛龙舟的习俗。

[Description] The Dragon Boat or Duanwu Festival is a traditional and statutory holiday originating in China,which has been selected into world non-material cultural heritage list. The festival now occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar. Duānwǔjié is called Dragon Boat Festival in English after the holiday's traditional boat races. The three most common activities during Dragon Boat Festival are drinking realgar wine, eating zònɡzi (sticky rice balls filled with meat and wrapped in bamboo leaves), and, of course, racing long, narrow boats decorated with dragons.

A: Nǐ Duānwǔjié dǎsuɑn zuò shénme ?
A: What do you plan to do on the holiday of The Dragon Boat Festival?

B: Xuéxiào zǔzhī wǒmen qù Hánɡzhōu cānjiā lónɡzhōu bǐsài.
B: The University will organize us to participate in the dragon boat race in Hangzhou.

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