Anyone wants to apply for the scholarship from university

Hi guys, The Xi'an northwest university at moment is open for candidate to apply for the scholarship until next February. Requires US nationality.  They provide 2 years  tuition fee, accommodation, living fee in total is 76000RMB for master student. You will only pays 40000RMB for application fee in total. This will help you save   36000RMB.The Shanghai political university they provide 3 years tuition fee, Its open to all nationalities. Please let me know if you are interested.

2014 Admission Prospectus for International Students into Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

Bachelor Degree in International Politics

International Politics is designed to foster high-level talents specializing in International Politics. Equipped with the basic theory and professional skills, graduates will be qualify for the positions related to Diplomacy, Foreign Affairs in Governmental Department, Media, Enterprise or Government-run Institutions.They can also enter the teaching field or continue with research work in higher-learning or research Institutions.

Major CoursesPrinciples of Politics, Essentials of Economics, International Law, International Organization, Comparative Political Systems, Contemporary International Relations, The Modern International relations, Foreign Relations of China, International Relations Theory, International Economics, International Political Economy, Rules of Procedure (simulation), International News Analysis and Reporting , Mass Media and Diplomacy , Major National Politics and Economy 


The International Economics and Trade is designed to foster export-oriented, compound applied senior high-level talents specializing in international trade, international finance, International investment theory and policy, familiar with the WTO (World Trade Organization) trade system and rules, all kinds of international trade rules and practices, China's foreign trade policies and regulations and business knowledge, equipped with Import and export trade practice, Document practice, foreign trade business processing ability such as Customs Clearance practice, and can engage in international economic and trade business and management activities in the foreign economic and trade sector, foreign companies and governmental Agencies by the use of English as a tool.Major Courses: The Political economy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Accounting, Econometrics, International trade practice, International settlement, Monetary theory and Banking system, International Freight forwarding, International Trade Law, Maritime Law, Foreign trade correspondence, Foreign trade English and Business English.


International Economic Law is designed to foster export-oriented, compound, applied senior high-level talents specializing in the foreign economic law that master the basic theory and professional knowledge of law, acquainted with the WTO (World Trade Organization) rules and International treaties related to International economics, International practice, theoretical analysis with great ability and innovation character.

Major courses: Jurisprudence, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, The Economic Law, The Criminal Law, International Law, International Private Law, International Trade Law, International Investment Law, The International Finance Law and Legal English.

Chinese Language and Literature is to cultivate the interdisciplinary and application to talents who have outstanding humane achievements, systematic knowledge of Chinese language& Literature and Law, good grounding in the Chinese language, good ideas and creative culture character and experienced office skills, who are able to work in many kinds of social organizations such as Senior Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Cultural Propaganda, Creativity, Planning and Management positions.


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Comment by Aktifistri on October 14, 2014 at 1:33am

The one from Shanghai, do you also need to pay like the one from Northwest Univ?

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