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Tuesdays with Morrie--2

What is wrong with being No.2 ? I probably get the chance to tell my kid this, while I didn’t realize that before.

The most I am thinking for the second part is if I got 24 hours, how would I spend this day!

In fact, it is also the application essay for Yale. After a morning sleep which ensures my whole day’s energy and good mood I will have a cup of warm water which is not mixed by hot and cold, but it is cooled down by whole cup of hot water. Reading a book under the sunshine…


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Tuesdays with Morrie--1

Have seen this movie before, while would like to review again.... and this is the first half.


About the early morning moment: For me, it is more like late night moment. Maybe it happens like I complained why this happen to me? Why this? Why me? The next second, I will think tomorrow is a beautiful day! Most of the time, I fell asleep before I can think anything. :)

While, whatever happened, I can not change it, I could choose to take it as a experience rather than a…


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about the song: someone like U


I will never try to hear anything from anyone else only if you tell me in person!

Never mind! I will find someone not exactly like U. He will never just turn, so he will be better than U!

I will never beg anyone not forget me! Let memory to choose what to remember and what to forget!

sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead!


Never mind!


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how to identify a truly TCM doctor

For many reasons, it is hard for many Chinese to find a qualified TCM doctor in China, especially in big cities. No wonder foreign patients often complain about their encountering with mediocre even fraud doctor . So based on my dozens years of experiences in Chinese TCM field and first- hand materials from some familiar TCM doctor , I give some useful tips to help you stay away from  TCM frauds and trap.

1 , if you really believe in TCM and aspire to turn to them for health help,…


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treat youself well

today i went to Sanzhao funeral house to say bye to friend's father, a good-hearted died of heart attack,  seeing his mournful family members, i am wanna speak to all my friends;treat yourself well .Slow your rhythm of life,be a healthy man , you mean a lot to your family

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Xi'an Travel Blog - Chinese Oreo, Pea-Infested Sandwich, and Egg Tarts

I have only so many stories that will last eternity(this blogs existence).  Be patient!


Unsurprisingly enough, I'm going to jot back into memory lane.  We're tracking back to August of 2005, into my first week in Xi'an, China.  At this point, I was pretty unfamiliar with everything around me.  My dad was in his own little world, the rest of the faculty at the International Department were doing their own thing, so I was left to myself to explore and…


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Patience or Torment


A good meal stared at us.


You say that to lose weight you must learn patience,


But I say that patience is a kind of torment -


Oh well, if you don't eat I will just pretend that I don't eat either.


Rita Wendy(魏喜童)


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Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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