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我的爱 (loving you)

They want to stay with you who love you in this world

But my love which is difference, and keepest you free

I want you listen, I want you see

I want you choose by your heart

I open my eyes

But the day passes by after day

I am in tears not to meet you

If one day

You catch me in crowd

Please call me, and say hello

I love for you still waits for your love…


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New words for cet 6

61. compatible [kəm’ætəbl] a. 相容的; 兼容的>That husband and wife are very ~.

62. compensate ['kɔmpenseit] v. 赔偿 >The insurance company ~d theman for his injuries.

63. compile [kəm'pail] v. 汇编, 编辑 ~ a encyclopedia [en,saikləu'pi:djə] 百科全书

64. complement ['kɔmplimənt] v. 补充,与。。。相配 The music ~s the film well.

65. compliment ['kɔmplimənt] v. /n. 赞美

66. comply with [kəm'plai] v. 遵从

67. compulsory [kəm'pʌlsəri] a. 必做的 ~ education

68. conceive of [kən'si:v] v. 构想 I… Continue

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Wise buying

Wise buying is a positive way in which you can make your money go further.The way you go purchasing an artical商品 or a service can actually save your money or can add to the cost.

Take the simple example of a hairdryer.If you are buying a hairdryer, you might think you are making the best buy if you choose one whose look you like and which is also the cheapest in price.But when you get it home you may find that it takes twice as long as 两倍a more expensive model to dry your…


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some ward about Twilight

Isabella Swan:"You've got to give me some answers. "

Edward Cullen:"I'd rather hear your theories. "

Isabella Swan:"I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite. "

Edward Cullen:"That's all superhero stuff, right? What if I'm not the hero? What if I'm... the bad guy?"

Edward Cullen:"My family.......we're different from others of our kind.......we only hunt animals.........We've learned to control our thirst.

But it's you ,your scent, It's like a drug to me .you're… Continue

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high frequency vocabularies for CET6

31. bald [bɔ:ld] a. 秃顶的 A ~ man is considered to be intelligent.

32. barren [‘bærən] a. 荒芜的,不能生育的>Without dream, life is a ~ field.

33. betray [bi'trei] v. 背叛; 泄露 You ~ed me.

34. bewilder [bi’wildə] v. 使迷惑 The new traffic lights ~ the man.

35. bias ['baiəs] n. 偏见 Bias is prejudice.

36. blaze [bleiz] v. 燃烧; 发强光 >The summer sun is blazing.

37. bleak [bli:k] a. 荒凉的; 凄凉的>a ~future

38. blink [bliŋk] v. 眨眼睛; 闪烁 >

39. blunder [‘blʌndə] n.…


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the order of the ajective

If you remember the word:"Opshacom"made in order to remember the order of the ajective in one sentence..It is easy to remember the order .


p means opinion,eg: beautiful,horrible,lovely,nice etc.

sh means shape,eg: long,short,round, narrow ....etc

a means age,(or times) eg: old,new,young...etc

c means colour,eg: red,black,…


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New vocabulary of English

1 Good lenses, bad frames 人不可貌相

 Describing someone who gives a bad first impression but is actually a good person. Someone who doesn't appear to be competent, yet is extremely capable at what he/she does.

2 Mid-day crisis 午间危机

When one is in adesperate need for a siesta because they become extremely tired in the…


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Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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