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Xian Expo Creative museum

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Salsa is a dance for Salsa music created by Spanish-speaking people from the Caribbean. Salsa dancing mixes African and European dance influences through the music and dance fusions that are the roots of Salsa: Son, Guaguancó, Rumba, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Guaracha, Plena, Bomba.

Salsa is normally a…


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Steel carved transformers appearanced in xian

July 16, people in xian paradise, wanda plaza to the public in watching steel carved transformers "skyfire".
On that day, "transformers"-the return of the king "steel carved in xian robot art people park plaza, wanda with different shapes of steel carved attracted a large number of the vision of the robot citizens.
People watch carving in steel transformers "aliens"
A kid in steel…

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China's high house prices to destroy the young people

China's high house prices to destroy the young people love, also destroy the young man imagination. They could have recited poetry, by traveling, open reading group. Now, young people become middle-aged soon after they graduate from college, in order to daily necessities tightening budgets. Their life, from the beginning is the material, sophisticated, and can't experience a romantic life, a life of the heart oriented way.


- Le monde…


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How to use iPad

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Job opportunity ?

Hi, all !


I settle down in Xi'an soon, and i am looking for a job...

I'am electronics engineer, with 20 years of experience (military, telecom, broadcast, industry, railway).

Thanks for your time.

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Xi'an subway system Line 2 start at September 28,2011

xi'an subway map

From the news, Xi'an subway Line 2 (north station to exhibition center) had basic end of every station internal decoration, mechanical and electrical equipment installation. 14 crowded subway trains has arrived in xian, the system alignment work is nervous…


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How about xi'an nightlife??

I am lost.

Many people online now. It's 0:35am now!

Don't they need a sleep?

Is xi'an nightlife here?

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Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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