Site construction area of ​​more than 700 square feet, divided into three regions
The first area: performance venues, an area of ​​200 square feet, enough for more than500 performances
The second area: the film run, an area of ​​100 square feet, is also a rest area
The third area: the rest is chess rooms and rehearsal rooms, rehearsal rooms are nowopen

Address:New high-tech city North Maple Road, west two hundred meters south gate(Bashansheshui CLUB)

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If you want more information


William,Please let us know some photo of the bar. some bar door place and details position.

Can't find it.

Errr ... what?!

It's a hot live bar in gaoxin area.

Tonight is

All My Faith Lost ...2011


Some member had looked for the place but seemed it's hard to find where the bar is.


Check this link for a map to the new Moonkey Bar. The bar is actually right next to the public bathrooms on this block. It'd be easier if the front of the bar actually said "Moonkey" but it doesn't. It says "Bar" and "Club" in colorful lights, but that's about it.
Oh nice, that's within walking distance of Xian Xi Lan. Do they - unlike most other venues - actually announce what will be playing when in advance ?
It definitely is, like 10min away actually. They do announce in advance who will be playing as long as you can read Chinese.
Thanks Shane ! Bookmarked. Now let's hope that something decent will play there soon. ;-)
So did this replace the old moonkey bar then (the one by the south gate)? I was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it.
Yep. The bank needed a bigger parking lot or something so they increased the rent dramatically, forcing Moonkey out.
Gotcha, thanks!


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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