Hey guys,


I am a native Chinese speaker and i would like to learn German. I had 1 german class when i was in Qingdao but my teacher went back to Germany and i came back to Xi'an.  Can anyone help me find a German teacher so i can go on learning? He or she must be a native German speaker and we can do exchange teaching in Xi'an.


Thank you very much!


Good day.



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i dont know
but i will speak to my friends if they want.
good luck
Hi Jason,

Thanks for your reply. you have German friends that live in Xi'an?

yes. some are stufent.
maybe they wanna make friends with you.
i go to bed.
xi'ann now is so cool.
two friends from ger.
but they won't do this exchanges. they are technical people.
i think there must be some people from there.
just ask them.

i know more people from there.

i think we can add a exchange froup for it.
how think it?
Hi Jason,

are you in xi'an now? yes, the weather is really nice these days. i like it. are you having a good time?

I think it is a brilliant idea to add an exchange group here. Let's do it.

I would love to make friends with your friends. I can pay him/her if they would like to teach me, but he/she must be very good at teaching. Thank you very much for asking. ;-)

hi it midnight:_)
are you online?
i am in yanglin
in xianyang
i don't know if yo know that place:)

i see you added a group. it's great.

yes, i know yangling. i hope that group brings me a nice teacher. ;-)
i speak German.

Great! Do you live in Xi'an? Do u have QQ or MSN?

yes. i live in xi'an. i do have msn. (no qq).how can i contact you?

my email: jj-hc@163.com, msn janelj@hotmail.com. i would like to know if we can do the exchange teaching. So, email me pls. ;-)

Oh,it would be fatastic if you can apply for a QQ NO. 'cause it is much more convenient than msn for us to communicate in China...

Looking forward to hearing from you.

sorry for my late reply. i just added you on msn. talk soon


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