There was a time, when a lot events and meetings were organized through this website.

In the past months I got the impression, that talkxian is more or less dead now.


Not much discussions, no meetings and no events any more.


Reason: A few people who were very active this this field, has left Xi'an.

This website and Xianease, did a lot last year to establish the Belgian Bar as THE hangout for foreigners in Xi'an (ignoring that this place is the most expensive bar in XI'an).


Now the Belgian bar is almost empty on many days, I think its best time is over.

Time to establish something new.


I think we foreigners should establish a hangout  (like a pub/bar) where people meet regularly.

Maybe once a week on a Friday or so.


Around South Gate there are some bars but most of time, it looks like a ghost town there.


So I see better chances around Da Yanta.

Gaoxing is also not a great alternative as there is only one bar (as far as I now).


What do you think about this?


Any proposals?


I would like to discuss this.




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Saturday, 26th, 18:00!

I am not so into Danish beer (Carlsberg) or beer from Netherlands (Heineken).

As I said, during their happy hour their prices are bearable.

See you next Saturday?

Yep. Demon Bar? 17:00?

or 1800? (just read your post again)

Just accept my friend request ..

I am in Xian now. I had problems loggin in with an older computer using Explorer 6 but I am in now.


It is close to the Spring festival. Perhaps people are busy with hollidays and family.

Yes .. China's New Year starts on 10th of February, in 17 days.

I agree that some of us will have some break in February.

But how about next Saturday?

Anybody want to grab a few beers tonight (monday, feb4)???

My contract is up so I have less than a week left in Xian, im near the south gate area.

Bugger...I would have but I have a friend arriving today for a week. I head home to Aus for chinese NY on Friday

PS: This is the kind of thing people should post and it get sent to those who are attached to whatever blog. Ive been here 6 months and spent the first 3 going out by myself looking for people !!!!. Great effort Adam...I hope we get to say gidday before you bail bro. R

This Friday? On holidays by then but don't fly till Sunday.

Must be others in this situation...


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