There was a time, when a lot events and meetings were organized through this website.

In the past months I got the impression, that talkxian is more or less dead now.


Not much discussions, no meetings and no events any more.


Reason: A few people who were very active this this field, has left Xi'an.

This website and Xianease, did a lot last year to establish the Belgian Bar as THE hangout for foreigners in Xi'an (ignoring that this place is the most expensive bar in XI'an).


Now the Belgian bar is almost empty on many days, I think its best time is over.

Time to establish something new.


I think we foreigners should establish a hangout  (like a pub/bar) where people meet regularly.

Maybe once a week on a Friday or so.


Around South Gate there are some bars but most of time, it looks like a ghost town there.


So I see better chances around Da Yanta.

Gaoxing is also not a great alternative as there is only one bar (as far as I now).


What do you think about this?


Any proposals?


I would like to discuss this.




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Hey,bro!Where do you guys also meet up for beers?

Hey,bro!Where do you guys often meet up for beers?

Team Xian

I will go anywhere that plays Rugby Union !!!!. I love Xian, but its an absolute Rugby wasteland. I would be happy to go anywhere. Dayanta suits me personally since I live at Quijeong Leo...I could find my house by trial and error then hahaha. Demon Bar is good, Park Qin is good once a month for old people like me just to feel young again, Belgium Bar is busy Friday nights but no leowai anymore, Green Mollys is not that busy. Ill watch this space to see what everyone suggests. R

what about the beer garden just outside the south gate. Anyone ever been there?

Hear Hear!

Let me know when the first crawl is, I've been here six months now and need to make some contacts outside of work.

I read on Xianese that there are some new pubs inside the southwest corner of the wall. There is also the beer garden outside the wall not far from the south gate. Shall look there once the winter is over.

Pub crawl? Then you should wait for the next pub crawl, organized by Xianease. Pubs pay Xianease, that they organize this. They hope for new guests and often there are reasons why they have a lack of guests,

Last year pub crawls were very pupular with pupils and students.

The could get a cheap Chinese beer for 15 Kuai.

I must say I was tired to talk about university and school issues all the time.

I am not 19 years old and I can hardly deal with problems out of that age group.

Xianease is just a give-away ad newspaper. Not more.

Neutral reporting is something else.

There are many places, Xianease never wrote about.

The only thing I can see is, that all the places they reported about, are extraordinary, a must-go, priceworthy,.beautiful. an exception, unbelievable ....

Xianease has a strong focus on South Gate and a part of Goaxing, because the authors live and work there.

They just write what others pay for.


This time I would be glad, if some ADULT people will come together to explore Xian and to talk about topics they are interested in.

I just walked down to the Southgate (from the West) along the wall and I can only say that  I have seen only empty places.

I don't think that there are 'SOME' new 'PUBS'.

We have to take it in our own hands.


There is a new bar street somewhere near the southwest corner... not necessarily along the wall. 

I must agree, the last time I tried to be sociable here all I met was uni students and the bloke who runs xianese.

Ya I agree that Xiananese Magazine is a bit bias in what they promote as there is a lot of focus of Gaoxin and South Gate. But if you look at Xi'an as a whole the Yanta Quijiang area is quickly being the new socal hub with lots of shopping, restaurants and bars popping up. But I never see Xiananese mention the area much.

absolutely true!

I agree!Maybe we could go there together and have a check.I also want to find a good bar for beers!

I think that it is really hard to find something cool to do or make some friends in this city if you're not engaged on campus life. so troublesome!

I would have to agree with you. There isn't a really strong expat influence in Xi'an yet but as the city grows I'm sure that will change with time.


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