There was a time, when a lot events and meetings were organized through this website.

In the past months I got the impression, that talkxian is more or less dead now.


Not much discussions, no meetings and no events any more.


Reason: A few people who were very active this this field, has left Xi'an.

This website and Xianease, did a lot last year to establish the Belgian Bar as THE hangout for foreigners in Xi'an (ignoring that this place is the most expensive bar in XI'an).


Now the Belgian bar is almost empty on many days, I think its best time is over.

Time to establish something new.


I think we foreigners should establish a hangout  (like a pub/bar) where people meet regularly.

Maybe once a week on a Friday or so.


Around South Gate there are some bars but most of time, it looks like a ghost town there.


So I see better chances around Da Yanta.

Gaoxing is also not a great alternative as there is only one bar (as far as I now).


What do you think about this?


Any proposals?


I would like to discuss this.




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Park Qin was very popular last year, but always extremely crowded on weekends.

It is a place for very young people, at least from the Chinese side. Sometimes it was fun to see 50 years old foreigners hunting for a 20 years old Chinese ...


Green Molly in Gaoxing is expensive so many foreigners don't go there. And it it the only bar in the 'wholy' Gaxing.


As I said, Belgian Bar was the most famous hangout for foreigners in Xi'an. But since July last year, this stopped. Often I go there and they have 2 guests beside me. Even when the weather was good.
I hope it will get better in March again, wenn the summer is back to Xi'an.


I have been to the Demon bar, but it was empty. Guess too new to Xi'an that time.


After I had spent one year in Xi'an, I put my focus on the area around Da Yanta,

With Yanta Xi Lu on the west side and Ci'en Lu / Ci'en Dong Lu on the east side, one has about 15 bars and about 20 restaurants plus lots of cafes in walking distance.

Not a ghost town like the old bar street at the South Gate.

I have never been to the Geilin. Where is it?





Hey,bro!I'm also looking for a good bar,let me know if you find a good one!

Matthijs and a few others posted here dozens of comments daily, even on things they had no idea about.

I know him and all the others in person as well.

And guys ... please don't forget that this board is a very international one.

Be aware that people from Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Thailand, Germany, USA, UK, China, Hong Kong and many more places are in here.

So many different mentalities and different conditions in life.

Don't take everything with a pinch of salt.


And .... why are you on the wagon. Had too much last month?

he is a good one, I agree. but you say now there is nothing, sorry I don't agree with you...

There have some memories which you cant seeing and touching...

Every circle has its own story, just like each person here has their own Xi'an story..Yes, there place no vitalities now, but in addition, maybe people can really do some other things...

I agree!

Good idea Tom and the area around Yanta does have a lot of bars but I'm not sure how easily accessible it is to everyone that doesn't live in around the area. But I think the bars meetup is a good idea and the bars around Cien Dong Lu are more lively and I love the new poker room they have going on there. I also heard there will be a sports bar / grill opening up in the retail space in Diamond Peninsula this summer. Heard the owners are Canadian base and they will try to make it authentic as possible by playing sports ranging from football, basketball and even hockey. I can't wait for that to pop up, it would be good to watch some North American sports at a bar again. I haven't had that feeling in 1.5 years.


There are two bars coming to Diamond Peninsula this spring.

I live there.

And to/from Yanta, there are a lot bus lines including major west/east connections.

I never had a problem to go there when I lived in TaiBai Nan Lu (Gaoxing).



Just go to GOOGLE MAPS and search for 'diamond peninsula, xi'an'.

I think there is a website

And here:


I think they are referring to American Football but I'm sure they will also play English Football as there are a lot European that lives in the area. 

I will force them to pay a little more to show  the German 'Bundesliga'  as well ;)

Hey,bro!Do you know when these two bars will open?

wow triple posting?? tsk tsk.......anyways to answer your question, I don't know when either bars are openning up but I heard shops will be moving into that Diamond Peninsula area in the late spring to early summer.


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