Totally lame post I know...


but I'm moving to Xi'an in the city, and wonder if you guys (and girls) have any suggestions about which areas of the city are the best to live in (and why).


I only ask because I've got to tell someone at my business what type of place I want, and I'd like to give her some idea about what area I might like to live in (my job is located in the tech sector, which I definitely don't want to live in).



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Hi that case, i would recommend living close to where i live, right on the second ring road...or, for a bit shorter commute, maybe a bit further SW, and a bit closer to the Software parks.


Lots of great places around there, and for 3000 a month (and you could get by with a lot less than that too) you can really get a very nice place.


Happy to talk with you in more detail about it if you like. Email me at noahs[extra spam blocking space]kocil[is helpful]ich[remove things in]gmail[the brackets to email him]com if you like.




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For $3000 a month (~20,000 RMB), I'd look around the Pagoda (Yanta). The only problem is that we ran into was the availability of higher-end apartments / townhouses.

We're looking for places around 300+ sq m, and the majority of complexes in the area that fit the bill appear to be full


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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