Well,Summer is coming~~~Hey,guys,what do you usually do for chilling out????

I have been bored by my never-changing and monotonous life.I wanna a change.Summer is actually a good time for hanging out with several friends.But,what should we do if we go out???We have been preoccupied by constant work,from-time-to-time studying and daily sleeping,and have got no idea what is in right now.Usually,going shopping and eating are the contents of it.Maybe someone can tell what else to do except those two things:))))))))))

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I wonder if Wild Orgies everyday will be going to too far...


What is the flower???


You are right, Summer is coming, Can like this?

Hahahaha,I felt fresh at once after watching the video!!!

Did you make that video by yourself???


Glad to know your feeling.

The video is very hot online now but not made from me... 


         Do you often do that in summer for fun???


Hmmmm,fruit beer will be much better for me~~~



That is a terrific idea!!!


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