watched a bbc documentry last night about the Yangtze river

watched a documentry hmmm i was half asleep and ended up falling asleep before it finished...but i saw one thing on it that really stood out is your main river (yangtze) with the dam and all the citys that went uder water to make the dam and along the river system there where coffins in the cracks of the mountain sides of the river does anyone know about this or can explain it more to me ..grrr my bad for being sleepy i didnt even record it stupid stupid me


anyone know what i am talking about

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I havent read your this post, coz "BBC" come into my eyes...

Today  I have an exam of broadcast hostory...NBC\ ABC\ CBS\ FOX\ CNN\ BBC\ ITV\ NHK\ NTV\ TBS\ KBS\ MBC\ ABC\TCN\OPT\ HTB\ AIR\RRI\.....Hmmm,why don't have an exam of KTV?

I am going to die~~SOS..SOS...

bbc does the best documentrys

If I say sorry for I don't know what you are talking about you will....

In fact I can't catch what your words meaning for my bad English.

How can I improve my English....


What I know only is Yangtze river is small. Is it right?

i will swap you lessons ...englsih for chinese you teach me some chinese ill teach you some more english...that will help :)

I think you just want to know why there are so many dams on yangtze river and want to know more information about that, there is the link i found for your reference.

You also can find more information from google or baidu.

thank you very much for your replys but i am interested in the coffins mainly they showed coffins in the sides of the mountains and they said they where very old and tradional in some way i am curious about them ...and the underwater citys along the river now ...maybe i have the wrong river :(
Got it, what you said is the Hanging Coffins at Three Gorges region,please refer the link as below.
bingo bingo bingo thank you very kindly and much :)

My pleasure!


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