Hello All

I have seen only the city part of Xian and would like to see the village part, know how people live there, taste some delicious village food etc. But without a Chinese friend, i guess it will be difficult. I saw 'Xian Insiders' page and I guess it is a little expensive.

Any suggestions ?

Thank You..

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  in my standpoint it;s quite easy for u to get closer to the villages around or within Xi'an if u could find a friend who is good at spoken english and also a local.  and we know the best choice could be a college student, so i strongly recommend you to go to the eglish corners within campuses where u can find the right guy. through his of her guidance i think that u can get some visits and looks if the countryside of xi'an and hope you can enjoy the beauties of my hometown.



Thanks for you reply. I will work on your suggestion :) It would be great if you can suggest some places / how to get there as well..

why dont you to check some onformation on baidu or google?

If you are lazy to do that, just waiting for me and my friends, we may go outside and discover fun place  again!!! 

u r living a cool life.. have fun always

Thanks Rita.. More than happy to join you for tour outside :) let me know if you have a plan.

This item in my Bucket List remains Open !!!!

There are nine districts and four counties in Xi'an.Where do you want to go?


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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