I love spicy food and I am willing to try pretty much anything.  I will be happy leave a review for every place that I go to.  I will also take pictures of everything I eat!!!

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Taking pictures of Foods?

Haha, congrats! You are very Chinese!!!

Don't forget to download an app which can check poison in the food....^^

Anyway, hope you will like Xi'an local snacks.

Maybe my adventures will help others find food they like :-)
Green Molly. Nice beer and friend staff
Here is a picture from Green Molly
Here is their map

A very friendly and delicious coffee shop is "My Home."


Hey Found you...should have known, looking for food! Hope you had a good flight.

Be sure and post descriptions of each entree rating heat  flavor levels, appearance, etc  ;-)

Have fun, take lots of photos, say hi to Potter. See you in a couple of weeks.

This restaurant had a really nice beef noodle bowl. The meal came with a warm bowl of rice broth? Sadly I did not get a picture this time. I will be sure to go back!


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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