I am doing a research for my homework, anyone can help me? Thanks!

" What's the strangest thing that happened to you in China/ in Xi'an?"

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i seen a lot of chinese :P. No seriously i only went to beijing and nanking and omg beijing is like a Whole lot of people in one place (compared to my home town population 450 thousand over half the span of beijing) .Nanking i went to see the war memorial and that was a eye opener comming from a western point of view , its still hard to find a book about what happened in nanking during ww2.Apart from the smog and other polution i think china has beautiful old buildings.And most are nice.

I'm sorry yanxin, actually I think everything is normal in xi’an.

Consider your homework, I try my best to think it, maybe the most strangest thing is the breakfast "煎饼果子" , i like it very much, all my xi'an firends like it as well:)



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