I found so many english spelling and meaning mistakes in public here and there in China, many of them  just can be ignore but some of them can make laowai confused.

The picture is taken in Vans mall at Lijiacun today.

Do you have any experience about it and let you confused, please share them here.

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Haahaha this sign is too funny!

This is an entire website about mistakes in translation. On the left hand side They have a link for "Chinglish". Shanghai was actually embarrassed by the poor translations and hired a group of foreigners to fix them before the Olympics. Only city in China to do so.

Don't ya love China!!!
good website
forbid carrying the bulky things???   :( does that mean i have to use the stairs to carry my thing ...its REALLY BIG AND HEAVY AND BULKY.....REALLY BULKY :)
They are also trying to correct them, they need more valuable opinion and supervision, though you may think that these mistakes are ridiculous...one of my teacher have a job about correct those mistake translation,  but there are so many mistakes in everywhere, they also worried about it. You have the right to criticize a thing, but you also have the obligation to tell them, maybe next time will be better:)



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