Need to learn how to Tango ASAP, anyone know anyone who knows a thing or two about tango dance steps? If so, just inbox me your price list. Gat two left feet but i think if i have a good teacher, I can manage to somehow magically make it work. 

any help will be greatly appreciated!

~Thank you~

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ayt, will do! but no one seems to know anything here... tried practicing with a friend of mine using youtube videos but we totally sucked! lol 

Finally found a teacher!! spoke to her over the phone, sounds pretty chill and speaks English too. I'm meeting her this Friday to see if its all legit. will let you know how it goes...

I wanna learn how to Tango too!  Can I join?

Of course you can, Huey! if I somehow manage to work it out with this chic, you'll be my partner! :-)


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