Is it possible to buy a tailor made suit in Xi'an ?
Anyone knows a good place, and the price for : jacket, pants, shirt...

Last time I went to this big textile market, but I guess it was too late, all the shops were closing down. I'm not sure if it is the right place.

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wow,my friend asked same question yesterday,i dont know which price level you can afford ,middle range you can buy it in "hailan home"which you can find in EAST road not far away from BELL tower, its a clothes shop for man ;top range you can buy it in any shopping mall,such as kaiyuan shopping mall,at the front of BELL tower.i am not familiar with NORTH part of xi'an,so maybe these two places is a little far for you.
PS: the tablet of "hailan home"is easy to find ,background is yellow,and words are blue.
Good luck
Thanks for your answer Denise.

The places you mentioned, are you sure that they sell tailor-made suits (定做的) and not just regular suits ?
Concerning prices, last time I bought one in Beijing, I think that I paid something like 600rmb for jacket + pants and something like 60-80rmb per shirt.
I dont think hai lan zhi jia is selling tailored suit!!!Anyway, my friend is runnng a company making the tailored suit in xi'an. Go there to have a look! his company is located at nan guan zheng jie 95#,ling xian guo ji buiding ,14th floor.(西安市南关正街95号领先国际1412A室 ).Call him in this number 13609128891 if you cant find the place.Also he have a store in tao bao,check it out before you go there in case wander around in this link,
BTW,this is Laura's friend Yao.
Good luck!
misunderstanding.i seldom make clothes by Tailor because its always unsuit for me,so sorry i cant give you any suggestions.
I have a tailor that I use here. He does pretty good work and he isn't too expensive. It was about 400 for a jacket and pants for a really tall friend of mine, so it'd probably much cheaper for you. I'll send you his contact info if you want.

Hi Stephen, where is your tailor located?

I don't know whether there is iwode here in xi'an.
You can check the site for some information.

You can check “Viichii Tailor” for some information, BAIDU or BING, Tailored Suits RMB2500, Shirts RMB700, Pants RMB800, Overcoats RMB2400, Skirt Suit RMB2000, Dresses RMB1800, ADDRESS: 1-1513, College block 1, Nansha Community, Jiaoda St. Beilin District, Xi'an.(near 2nd Ring Rd South East Section, Nanyang Hotel ,Xi'an,)


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