Have any of you started any clubs at your schools? 


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I started the "I Hate Joining School Clubs Club.". No one joined :(

Haha, you so not funny. 

It's a good club Santiago. Huey is President and Ed is Vice President. We meet weekly at a different bar and discuss nothing of educational or societal merit.



To answer your question seriously.

It is difficult, any club that is not an "English Corner" will get the administrators a bit worried. Also, plan for a drop of about 80% in attendance within the first 2-3 meetings of any group.

Groups that I have seen work in Xi'an are "English Corners"(god I hate these things), a Dance Group (a guy I know taught the kids to Salsa, Tango, Waltz, ect.), and a Touch Rugby group (this was a small group of both boys and girls, the numbers stayed solid at about 5-7 students). Most other Clubs I have seen at schools fade away within a month. 

The Language Exchange Club is still growing and going strong, because we rock.  It also helps that we have such sexy organizers *ahem*

And we do sooo much Language Stuff ... KTV, poker, silly games, eating noodles ... ;-)

We're trying to also include the "culture" aspect of the exchange group, we all know learning the culture helps with learning the language and vice versa ... yea!

hell yeah!

the best way to learn is having fun ;)



Wow, that's a compliment. Those guys are fucking legends!


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