I am a former leadsinger of a punk rock band called INK SEED in jinan but i am new in Xi'an and was wondering whether there are Instrument players in Xian that would love to be part of a Punk rock band. I do not know much about the genre preferences of the people in xian but i think it will be lots of fun to have a band right here in xian. If you have any comments or recommendations, please hit me up on 15829233641

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Hey Deliah, I play a little bit of guitar myself. Out of interest, which punk bands are you in to/influenced by?
me too
I dont know much about it but i really want to figure it out , need your educating by the way I like hip pop
Hey Deliah,

About 5 years ago Xi'an was a hotbed of Underground punk, hardcore, metal and even some ska. Things have relatively disappeared in the last 3 years though. But back in the day there were a bunch of music shops with studios in the back outside the east gate of the main Jiaotong University campus. might want to go check out there. There were also quite a few rock musicians who used to hang out on the second floor of the Baihui market in xiaozhai. Also, a bar called Moonkey inside the south gate has a few shows a year. good luck, that's all I know.
wow... Thanks you guys, you have no idea how much you're helping. Will remember to sign your autographs or something when i become rich and famous, lol :)
Hi. I also wonder if there is any place to practice drums. I'm quite busy and I don't think I am able to join in a band but I would love to play it for fun.
Any idea??
you play drums? great! well there's a few bars that have open mic every now and then, am sure they can allow for practise. Also i was told there's a few record stores that have practise studios in the back, havent checked all that out but atleat there're options. You a student here?
Hi, Dellah. Thanks for your information.
I am currently working here. Since I came here, I'm only drinking and eating on off days, I reckon it is kind of unproductive way to spend time, ha ha. So, I hope to have some fun with practicing drums, which would be a good exercise to me as well.
hey man i am a college student and like rap , a friend of mine has a studio and i really want to work with some minded guy , just for fun ! If u see it give me your cellphone number please!
just out of curiosity
how much is the hour in a studio here?
and what kind of equipment can be found?
haven't really visited any studios around here yet, let alone heard of any but Jordan over there seemed to know a thing or two about that. will get back to you if i find out anything liable though...
changed numbers... 15991453141


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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