one friend of mine told me about a place with outdoor swimming pools and slides for kids she called Qin Long Swimming Pool. She doesn't remember exactly where it is and how to get there. Do you know about it? Maybe this is not the exact name.

Thanks for your help

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There's an XIBF event at Qin Long on the 30th:



we went there yesterday with the kids and it was great. It's South of Xi'an, near the zoo, about 40 minutes from my place (North Gaoxin). The place is Qin Long Spa Hotel. There is a specific entrance for the swimming pool area. Entrance is 98 rmb for adults, free for kids. There is a chinese restaurant and they also sell drinks and biscuits. You can also bring your own food as there are some tables to have lunch. There wasn't too much people although it was saturday. Maybe because of the price of the entrance and because it's not in the city and you need a car to go there. So it was very good. 


Just perfect!

I have been looking for such kind of place since ages!

And it is just 23 km away from my place (Gaoxing, TaiBai Nan Lu / Keji Lu) !

Just 30 minutes by my scooter.


Can you please give a little more detailed description where this location can be found ?

I am frequently close to the zoo (Quinling Wildlife Park) and several places for fishing around there, but never saw this Quinlong Spa Hotel.

I think this place will never be overcrowded, as Chinese people don't like places like this when the sun is shining.

They are terribly afraid of getting a sun-tan and so they prefer staying home, drinking warm beer and cold coffee :-)


@Ed Sander


Ed, which is the fastest way to become an XIBF member?


Tom, to become a member please fill out this form. If you bring payment to the next event (which will be the Qin Ling trip) Laura Wang, the Chief Representative, will bring your membership card. http://www.xibf.org/join-xibf-2/

Some of the other benefits of membership can be found here:



Hi, in my previous message, there is a PDF document with the map and the indications to get there. It's all in chinese. I don't have the indications in english or pinyin. I gave this document to the driver and he managed to get there quite easily. On the main road, we saw several signs for the place with pictures of the pool. At the end, we took a little dirt road on the right. On this road, there were several places to go fishing, or restaurants, or little pools, before we found the big complex of the hotel. i suppose they all have hot springs.
If you don't manage to see the pdf document, send me your email and i will send it to you directly.
I was there again today, and I realised I made a small mistake in the indications. The road at the end is not a dirt road. It's a normal road, just smaller than the high road.
The pools were great. At 11 there were some waves in the big pool, with loud chinese music. It was fun.

see my comments and directions here:




Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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