Hello all!

   We have just move here from Australia, and are finding it really hard for our children (7,5 &4 girl, boy, boy) to find any friends to play with.  All the Chinese kids seem to be busy with school, and after school study.  Has anyone heard of play group meetings?  Or even something less formal, like just meeting in a park or something.  We live in the very southwest corner of Yanta area, but can get around the city by taxi pretty well.  I have been home schooling the children, so our schedule is pretty flexible.

  Any info/offers would be great!  Thanks

   Jason Thorson

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I've got 2 little boys (3.5, 1.5) and I live in North GaoXin area, so maybe a bit far from your place. I've never heard of a play date already set up, but I think it should be possible to meet other families with kids in Yanta area. My older kid goes to the international school (HANOVA) and lots of the families there come from Yanta area, and of course there are lots of kids to play with. And there are 2 other international schools. As for us, we would be happy to meet you. Prefered time for us is during week-ends. If you want to, you could also meet ladies at Ladies lunch (once a month, check the xianese review or xianease.com to know about the next time), and some of these ladies have children to play with. 

Could you please send to me your contact information and maybe I can introduce you to some other people?

(I don't know if that will be possible very soon, because we leave on friday morning for a 2-week-long holiday)

See you


Thanks for the info!  that would be great to meet up.  maybe after you get back from your holiday.  I also saw your post about the science museum at the TV tower. our kids LOVE dinosaurs.  Maybe we could meet there?  Ill message you my number.  Also, my wife and I both lived in France a long time ago, and have been back several times.  we speak french (a little :) Have a fun holiday!

Hey Jason:

This is Sam from Xi'an Mandarin Education School.We mainly teach Chinses Mandain for Foriegners in Xi'an.The school located in Yanta area.Please click here to see more details www.mandarinedu,cn.

In fact we have free weekly culture activity every month,such as traditional Chinese paper -cut, making dumplings.Some activity is suitable for you kids.For those activity,it's totally free! Please feel free to contact me if you have interests.

my cell phone:18292165927)

my  MSN:samclubshang@126.com

Hi, Jason, I am in MEL, but my 7 years old son is in Xian with my husband, and I will go there in around 3 weeks. We plan to live in Xian for two years.I would like to catch up with you and your kids. I live near by XingQing park, which is big park with a beautiful lake. Maybe we can set up a play group, I am working in a childcare centre, have some experience. As soon as I arrive at Xian I will contact you. Enjoy! Anna.

That would be great!  Give me a call when you get here,  The kids do their school work at home, so our schedule is pretty flexible.  My number is 181 4945 2130.  It seems like if we got a play group going, it would be mainly foreigner's kids.  As all the Chinese kids are always busy with school and activities. We'll be very happy to meet new friends!  Jason

I am Chinese, we have lived in Mel for 4 years, my son had childcare, prep, 3 terms of grade one in primary school, his English is quite good. I also took lots of reading books back to china, and some popular cartoon DVDs like magic school bus. We can organize children regularly, do some craft, reading, cooking, excursion, many activities to do. Once I am back, I will contact you, we can meet and discuss the details. Look foreword to chatting to you. Best regards. Anna and Bright

Dear Jason,

I am working for the expats association, we organize the family event sometimes. And myself also organize some gathering for some local and expats families here in Xi'an to have fun together. Like Picking-cherry event, Easter, Christmas. Following are some event pictures. You can contact me for event details by 18682922425.


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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