I saw this Notice in our dorm (Xi Gong Da 西工大) today. Since it says that this is the new regulation from the PSB office, it should not be limited to our school or even to Xian. Has anyone else heard of that? Can someone from other universities confirm this?

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Which leaves the question if it just applies to this university or to all, and why there is no PSB letterhead.

if the 2 universities were called in....

Sounds like some foreign students went to a bar and got into a fight. Knee Jerk reaction or miscommunication. Likely if they got into a fight they could get expelled from the country.

After talking to some schools about teaching English I can see language barriers causing problems in miscommunication in a letter such as this. (What I say does not exactly mean what I say)

I would doubt any other school would be doing this. The question is if it is your school you might be in trouble if you violated it. You Might be able to make complaint to the office about it.


HHHAAHA! Good thing your nanny came along with you mate!


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