I saw this Notice in our dorm (Xi Gong Da 西工大) today. Since it says that this is the new regulation from the PSB office, it should not be limited to our school or even to Xian. Has anyone else heard of that? Can someone from other universities confirm this?

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please, students from other universities, can you confirm this? =P

Leo, shouldn't you be asking to DENY it ? ;-)

That's the most insane thing I've ever seen in my life.. you'll just have to be old school and get battered in your own dorm rooms! Sounds pretty unenforcible especially since when I was a student I used to go out drinking with my teachers.. 


Bouncer: "Hi, are you a student?"

Student: "Nope."

Bouncer: "Okay then."

These are adults, no one should be stopping them from doing anything, especially partaking in something that is completely legal. I agree with  Patatje here, if they get in trouble with the law, sure, then they should be in trouble at school too. Otherwise, it's none of the school's business what they do in their free time.

not true

easily enforcebale:

police officer walks in a bar, sees foreigner, asks for passport, checks visa type, done.

still, I'm pretty sure it's a lie, I'm just trying to confirm it as a lie, so I can scold them

Hahaha, what police officer will waste their time with such a thing?

police officer walks in a bar, sees foreigner, asks for passport, checks visa type, done.

Let me fix that for you: Police officer walks in a bar, sees 100 foreigners, asks for passports

Foreigner responds "this is Xi'an, who carries their passport everywhere they go? Good way to get it stolen."

No one has one on them, one person gets hassled while the others escape out the back

and yes, i'm sure it's just reactionary. Probably some NW Poly students go into a scuffle and now they are trying to keep it from happening again by banning everyone from drinking/clubbing/bar-ing

It is

they do it all the time

but I'm tired of this, so I just need a confirmation from other students that this is another bunch of bs

The only joke where the start is also the punch line:

Xi'an police officer walks into a bar ...

it's not like they haven't been doing crackdowns with task forces

it's really not hard at all to enforce this law

except for the fact that it's pure bullshit from my university =P

seems just for saving face in case someone gets in trouble, do ask your a teacher though

just because its written does mean it counts - example: my building has a big post on holiday rules: no overnight stays - but from what i see nobody cares, you dont even have to register anymore, and we are talking about a environment with cameras and such - just smile, say 哎呀 中国人 smile and you'll be ok :))

an odd regulation ,do not know what the authority want to do ? are there any crime relared to foreigners who go to bars ? i have not heard any report till now.


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