I am not the type of girl to cry during watch movies...

But I was crying a lot yesterday when I watched the movie of Coming Home by Zhang yimou..

Any movies that made you cry?


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porn :(


You changed a lot, you are not a good boy, you are se lang..

From now on I am not your nainai and I will not play with you....

 Coz you never share porn movies with me....

oh, I'm sorly!
I'll send it to you later!

I checked my E-mail several times, I didn't recevied any..

Se lang + liar=Leo!

it's not my fault, I think the videos hit on the great firewall =P

"Oasis" an old Korean Love Story, about true love between an abused retarded man and an abused woman with cerebral palsy. It freaks most people out. A twitching person and a slow person are degraded, but at least have a moment and memory of true love. They understand the true meaning of life while others abuse them.

I will watch it tonigt:)

Cool, let me know what you think... it is a bit weird, maybe boring, but I will never forget the story.

I felt depressed when I watched this movie. It's not a tragedy and love story to me, but I saw the real human nature.

The actors are great, I have to say, this is a good story, I admire the writer.

After watching the movie, I was difficult to fall asleep, Lying on the bed, some pictures coming into my mind : the princess reflected sunshines with mirror...

Night has been sleeping on my pillow, but my tears was awaking...

Thanks for your recommendation..If I were a poet I will sing for you:)

I am glad you like it. It is depressing to watch, but I felt like I was a better person after I watched it. After watching the movie, I started to look at people with disabilities differently... realizing they have love just like everybody else, maybe better.

A good movie often makes us to see ourselves.

When I really open my eyes and see,  I can behold my image in all images;

and when I open my eyes and listen, I can hear my own voice in all voice.

I felt I was a better person before I watched it. After watching it, I started to look at myself again....


Deep thoughts Wendy, and true I think... but stay positive! that movie can bring ya down. After I watched it I kept thinking, I was "fake" and hiding behind a mask... wanting to look behind the mask, but afraid. hehehe more deep thoughts. :-)~


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