Today we were contacted by the folks at Xi'an TV they are holding the Xi'an portion of Master Chef China and are looking for applicants. The winners from each of the cities will be taken to Shanghai to compete in the national competition. 

This isn't a knock-off competition it's the actual Master Chef program coming to China. If you are interested in participating please send me an email address with your name, phone number, age, and gender, your home country, and your best dish that you make. 

The actual date of competition is sometime in mid to late May but not yet fixed. Once you sign-up we will keep you updated with all the information as we get it. 

Sign up by writing me directly:

Good luck!


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X-Factor, Britiain's Got Talent, Masterchef...anymore British TV shows they want to copy??!! About time the creative minds of Chinese media woke up from their afternoon sleeps and did some work creating their own shows!!

No, this is my point. Instead of simply buying the best shows from overseas, where are the creative guys from this country leading the way?

Masterchef is awesome though! Me and the wife love those shows and have the whole Season 8 on video is anyone needs?



p.s. Are we going for a ride this holiday??



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