This isnt a help wanted ad, more like an equal partnership.

You see I am self-employed in the US. I get a lot of job requests but can't handle them all. My main position is as an Art Director, but I can also program in many formats. Usually I turn down the small jobs and only focus on the big ones. Just yesterday I took on a project for Warner Brothers, I always work offsite so I never need to apply or meet in person. I have a great reputation in LA and that always brings me work.

So while I'm in Xi'an I am hoping to meet some talented individuals that know html5, javascript, php,, actionscript/flash, etc. The deal is I will do the design portion, while I choose a partner for the development portion. We split the pay, and the faster you can work, the more work I can give you.

These gigs are considered small budget for the US, $2000-$6000 (6300rmb-37800rmb). Some of them can be completed in just a day or two on the development side. The big issue is quality. I will be doing all the QA and it has to be done right, otherwise I have no need for someone who cuts corners.

If you or someone you know is interested, please contact me here and we can plan to meet in person. If this works its great cause I can make more money, and I can pay someone in china a good price. If it doesnt work no big deal to me, I just go back to what I do. So get in touch and we will talk soon.


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