Hi Guys will be moving to Xian, I have 2 kids but will not be able to afford international schools....

Any help or Ideas???

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. Hi Jonathan, You could try volunteering 2 days a week at an international school. Maybe they would waive or reduce the fees. Try home schooling. Is your wife  coming to Xian ? How old are your children ?  If you re going to be teaching at a university or public school, perhaps the people who will give you a job can help you. Contact your Foreign Affairs Office. When will you come to Xian ? I leave for America for 6 weeks, but you need to meet and talk to Stuart Allen and Arem from Xian University of Architecture and Texhnology. Check out www.xianease.com    Come to one of the Hash House Harrier Runs or one of the pub quizzes and meet Stu. All the best, David

Thanks David, My wife and kids will all be coming over, My daughter is 11 and my son is 8. We are hoping to be there by February next year


I would agree with David that contacting one of the international schools here in Xi'an, and asking about reduced rate for part-time teaching or volunteering is a good option.  The main int'l schools that I know of are Hanova on the far west side, XIS (Xi'an Int'l School) on the southwest side, and XHIS (Xi'an High-tech Int'l Schoo) and the far southwest side.  Each of these should be on the web with contact info for you.

As for homeschool options, our family (3 boys) is part of a home-school coop one morning a week.  The curriculum is called Classical Conversations, which is Christian-based, and we usually meet in the Ming De Men area on the south side of town near the TV tower.  4 of the 5 days, we are at home teaching our kids.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining something like this.



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