Hello to everyone! Me and some friends were looking for a nice place where to sit down, drink something, and listen to good, true, (and if possible, not chinese ^^) live music.

Can you suggest me some places? Thanks!

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If you say that... Do you know if tonight we'll find any halloween party? :)
All Halloween parties were last Saturday.
There was a guy called Bob at Belgium Bar, but he moved to Hainan. He was quite good.
Indeed, Bob and his brother were good fun. They used to play in many bars in Xi'an on acoustic guitar. Same couple of songs all the time, but still very nice.
No idea where to go if you are looking for a cover  band....but if you want original live music Aperture is good....I know it is mainly Chinese bands but they occasionally have foreign bands as well.....like November 8th when the Lionheart Brothers from Norway are playing.

This might be the thing you're looking for:




Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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