Hello to everyone! Me and some friends were looking for a nice place where to sit down, drink something, and listen to good, true, (and if possible, not chinese ^^) live music.

Can you suggest me some places? Thanks!

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Theres often live music at the belgium on weekends... Other than that... I havn't found anything since I've been here.
Aperture has some good bands every now and then (sometimes non Chinese). And Moonkey seems to have regular bands as well, although I've never been to a gig there. Keep an eye on http://www.douban.com/location/xian/events
Ed is right, but it depends what your looking for.... Moonkey is more of a club-like scene with LOUD music... If your looking for a western-type of sit, drink and enjoy, you'll be disapointed.
And now I know I'm asking to much, but I would love listen to rock music...
The mentioned bars plus Vice Versa seem to be places for Rock. But don't expect to many foreign bands.
I'll take a look, Thanks!
Your better off going to live in Chongqing :P Chongqing had an awesome pub with bands almost everynight, foreign and chinese (but mainly foreign) and most time entrance was free. I think its the one true thing I miss about CQ.....
Is the Moonkey bar still open? Does it only open on certain nights? The last few times I've seen it from the outside, it looks really really closed..

It relocated. It's now at Keyi Lu (or the extension of it), west of Tangyan Lu

Ok...i tried viceversa and...


maybe it was too late, we arrived around midnight, and we only found some chinese guys shouting on the karaoke mic... We'll give that place a second chance, but only because there is a grand piano and I want to hear it playing ^^

Vice Versa had a Halloween Party yesterday, so I'm not sure what they did. We arrived around the same time and had a Death Metal band that plays there sometimes. There are often metal bands in VV, although they always seem to be the same. Later on one of the regular DJs was playing.


As I said, don't get your hopes up too much about hearing your favorite music in Xi'an. And keep and eye on Douban.

Ah, sorry, I forgot to write that I've been there on friday...
So maybe I've just been unlucky, I'll try again next weekend ^^


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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