Language Exchange Meetup - Thursday Aug 4 19:00 Gaoxin SIT

Hi guys,


I created an event for the 2nd Language Exchange Meetup.  It will be on Thursday Aug 4 at 7pm in the Gaoxin Sculpting In Time.  Can someone check if I used the correct address and googlemaps location?  I've only been there once and forgot what road it was on.


Anyways we moved the meetings to Thursdays because Tuesdays seemed inconvenient for a few people.  Wednesdays are no good either because there are usually other events on Wednesdays (Thursdays seem to have less events).


Let me know if you have any questions.  And please RSVP if you can so we know how many are coming.  Thanks!

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Location on the map is incorrect Huey. SIT is west of the Keji Lu / Gaoxin Si u crossing, on the same floor as the bookstore above Subways.

The other place that comes up that is in GaoXing is this one:


Does that look right to you?

Yep, that's better.

Hmmm, GaoXin not Gaoxing...

Whoops! Thanks Wendy, it is fixed now.
Hen gaoxing wo zai Gaoxin. ;-)
wo zai gao xin shang ban, wo bu gao xing.
things here are expensive, i ate yang rou pao mo just now, it cost me 25yuan.
and liang pi rou jia mo cost 14yuan, but in yanta district only need 6 or 7 yuan.
i am a pauper...
You are eating at the wrong place. Try the village across the road from AiLeYi. Rou jia mo: 3-4 kuai. Lian-pi: 3-4 kuai. Guo ba mi fan: 10=12 kuai. Jian bing guo zi: 3 kuai. Sweet & sour pork: 10 kuai. Boazi: 5 moa.
Oh, and you can have great biang biang mian at Noodle King between Gaoxin Yi Lu and Si Lu for 8 kuai.
jian bing guo zi, hen hao!!!

Rita Wendy is awesome!  I just want to share her email because I think its great :)




Hey Huey,
I remember I taught you two sentences in the first language exchange meet up, Now I am behind my laptop, I think I should give you a lesson about it.

 yi (1)ri(4) wei(2) shi(1), zhong(1) shen(1) wei(2) fu(4)
 meaning:He who teaches me for one day is my father for life .
 For example: A--congratulations! you are graduate! my dear student.
                       B--dear teacher, yi ri wei shi, zhong shen wei fu.(It means you will be my teacher forever, I respect you)
another example: Huey, you teach me some English today, you are my teacher today, but I will respect you as like I respect my father! so I can tell simple: Huey, thanks for your teaching today, yi ri wei shi, zhong shen wei fu.

 san(1) ren(2)xing(2),bi(4)you(3)wo(3)shi(1)!
meaning:Two heads are always better than one 
or (an expression to show one's open-mindedness) there is always someone to learn from
 or As three men are walking together, one of them is bound to be good enough to act as my teacher
example:I can always find a model in my fellow travellers even there‘s only three of them.
  There is always a tutor to be found among the few guys with whom I go along.

Anyway I always told myself in my heart and mind: san ren xing, bi you wo shi, I like this sentence very much!


ps: i found a misunderstanding: Chinese does not seem like English, we learn English Vacabulary, each word has a meaning, but to Chinese, sometimes a chinese character makes no sense, you need to put two or three or more character together, you will get the part useful words or sentence, and different character group with, it will have a different when you learn, no need to know every Chinese character's meaning. but you need to remember how to write and read...

Oh right I figured out you like poetry so much.  I like poetry as well but I dont like to translate poetry into different language, because when translation, some meanings change. I like poetry becasue it condenses things into intense and powerful elements, one carefullly chosen words can spark powerful associations. what do you think?

Be good be happy




But I think she is subtly implying that I can be her dad.  Thanks A LOT Wendy!  >__/p>

dad, oh my god...

How you can be my dad, I remembered people call me grandma or aunty, including really have a bad memories..


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