I want to study Chinese. Where is the best place to study??

I have been living in China for a long time, but my Chinese is terrible!! I want to remedy this when I get back.

I'd like to join a school where I can be pushed a little (I've tried private tutors a few times, it doesn't work for me). Where is a good place to go??



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     There are many Chinese school you can go. I dont know which school you choose? I think the school wont helps you a lot. just need a good Chinese book. learn a lot of Chinese words. Then  practice with Chinese people.



Hey Stuart,

That's nice that you wanna study Chinese!! Well,there r some public school (most are full-time universities) if u wanna get the degree,and u should join some tests ect ect,make sure u got enough time to join the class...well,there should be some private school,like international language school or something like that.I think having class like finding a tutor... tutors are kind of class teacher.....they r the same way to study Chinese. i think analysis the reason why the tutor didn't help u lot....and find a right one!

Good luck to u!



they're the best of this industry.

You can contact some of the famous universities like Jiaotong or Xigongda (They have English websites with contact info) and ask about their Chinese Language course. I know in our school you have to pay 6,000 per semester, the rest of the universities have a similar price (a little different, maybe up to 8000). But This is already too cheap (300 hours of class for 6000 Yuan > 20 Yuan per hour) I don't think you can find cheaper prices.

Our school (XiGongDa) has good teachers and I have had a good experience as I have explained in here (click here) but I don't recommend it to anyone because of the new rule about bars (Click here)

hello, i just read this today, hope it's not too late ^_^

I suggest you find a TCFL(Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) teacher, TCFL tachers are professionals and have their own specially adapted teaching method, they know how to teach foreign students according to their aptitude
also, there are TCFL teacher training bodies in Xi'an, i think they could recommend you a good one

although we are Chinese and can speak some English, we may not be a good Chinese teacher

I hope you will soon find the "right" one and make big progress in your Chinese study

go to xi gong da.


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

Teaching English In Xi'an


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