I'd love to learn Chinese formally (at university) by Scholarship, wondering if I can meet the requirements to get such scholarship? Does anyone mind to share experiences, insights, and helpful advice

Hi everyone, I am at full-swing mode to learn Chinese seriously, and by seriously I mean formally in classes due to reasons. During the first 3 years living in China I was still struggling with Chinese as a totally different language in characters, and tones stuff. It was sorta 'mental block' to me. Fortunately those 3 years has helped me to get used to see, hear, hear, and hear! Yes hearing helps me lots ;D

I am so much ready to learn more now--other than from podcast that hubby downloaded for us. I've looked and browsed some sites about scholarships. Pretty informative but doesn't really answer my need. Heard from somebody that you can actually pay an agent to take care of everything (couple thousand dollars or so), only they can't guarantee if you'll get it. Does anyone here tried that? 

So, I wish there will be some people who can share more info/insights about this issue. Especially from you who are studying Chinese by such scheme.

Is your age and country of origins matter? Is the fact that you married to other foreigner kills the chance? etc. Might be funny to hear but administrative req, bureaucracy, inter-countries policy could sometimes be funny, from what I've seen anyways.

Please please enlight me! :D

Warm regards, and thanks in advance! 

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Lol..you're hilarious! Thanks for putting time and effort, Monkey Man...though I'm not sure if I get it. I'd like to take it as how funny and complicated the path of getting scholarship. Either way, I respect your sense of humor :)  Kind regards!

*skipping tabs, keep browsing*

hahaaa..siiip lah! pls say hi to ur lovely wifey ;)

What monkey man said will definitely get you something, though I'm not sure what.

You could of course use the search feature to see if this question has already been asked (it has) and see what other people said about it. Let me help you with that.


"What monkey man said will definitely get you something, though I'm not sure what."..

:D yeah maybe I'm just not smart enough posting such question here..

Anyways, I went to one of the threads here about learning Chinese, got quite helpful info there but they don't exactly fit my situation. Thought it might be necessary to post my own. I tried to contact some sites about the potential though, but the government doesn't delegate scholarship program to other party. So there's no third party taking care of it. In contrary, I heard issue about you might be doing that through agency but you must pay for the process. Another guy that I commented in another thread of discussion said he got the scholarship from his own government instead of Chinese government. So.. I'm just trying to narrow down my search here. 

Thank you very much for your help and proper link. That helps to keep up my spirits. :)  Kind regards! 

About the Chinese government scholarship (CSC):
As far as I remember, first, they don't have scholarship for studying Chinese language. They only have for Master and PHD. (If your Master or PHD is thought in the Chinese medium and you don't know any Chinese, then you will get one year of Chinese language included in your scholarship.) And second: The deadline for applying for the 2012-2013 school-year has already passed (it was in March). So the only other option is getting a scholarship from the universities directly.

This is the info they posted on our school's website about the CSC enrollment:
(On the same website you can find the contacts of the Intl. office and as I said, send them email or call and ask directly how one can get a scholarship. It might be helpful.)

but I urge you to try Monkey Man's method first. That is the best way ;-)

Hi Amin, thanks again. I still need to recheck but I think I've contacted that frieken csc before I posted this question. Looking into your link now.. calling them directly will probably be the best opt.. *tralalala..*

Monkey man's method?..haha..how funny! :p

if you are willing to pay a couple thousand dollars for an agent, why not simply pay the tuition fee?

it's exactly the same, though you would have to pay it every year...

anyway, if you pay for the first year, and you are a good student, your chances of actually getting a scholarship for the next years are pretty high

all legal, and not complicated


Hello Leo, never said that I'm willing to pay such amount for agency, let alone if such way is illegal. I was just simply asking if anybody could clarify such info, and see whether or not it's legal--not every agency stuff is illegal.

You're right though about the self-paid for one year scheme. I noticed that looks like the most realistic way of pursuing scholarships here (to me anyway). However, due to priority reasons I might need to see another opt to learn, back to basic aka 'self-learning'. Thanks for your help here, everyone.. I'll see what I can still do about it, and see where the universe will swing me to.. lol.. have a good day you all! :D


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