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Ernai-it is a chinese word, and the meaning of it is: pretty, young single women with high education being long-term sex partner with old, rich married men. I am not sure if it happens in western countries, but the phenomenon in China is getting more serious.

So my friend told me, now those girls ages 18 felt proud of being a Ernai because they can be rich without hard working. They wear Chanel, take LV bags, go in and out high-class restaurants, and drive good cars.

There is one classmate of mine is actually being one of those "Ernai". I kept the secret for her for more than a year, and finally I found out surprisingly that almost everyone knows that she is Ernai and actually she told everybody:S I started to wonder, why isn't she feel ashamed of being Ernai. The guy is from Singapour and he gave her 10,000RMB(US$1,250)pocket money per month(the average income of a month is around 2,000RMB). Also he bought her expensive bags, Sony laptop, brought her travel in Europe, Sigapour, Hongkong and Malysia. In several months, he'll buy her a Mazda 3.

For me, I actually are not against Ernai, but I think Ernai also should have business ethics. For example, the classmate of mine uses the guy's money to afford her lovers. I think it is wrong, even Ernai should bear loyalty in mind. She also cheated on him, coz she told him that she's a virgin but actually she just had an abortion days ago. I was joking that the guy shall complain to 315 because this Ernai is a fake product")"""


wow the things you learn with new words you dont know of yet hahaha umm i dont have any friends like that and i do not think i would want any friends like that either ..basically sounds to me like a high paid prostitute...sad that people have to live this way but whatever makes a person happy is all good with me :) 


how many other words do you know that i might have interest in :P

I do not think high deucation is a qualification for ernai

ernai? 二奶?
Right ... there goes my appetite for lunch. :-x
Are you looking for one?

fuck no


I have 8 friends are ernai, 2 of them are real ernai, other 6 I would rather call them”poor woman”.

Indeed, they are all pretty and young single woman, aged 24-30, but with high education being long-term sex partner with old, rich married men, did they wrong? They just lost themselves in this materialistic society!


Those 2 friends, they desire luxurious life, they changed alot. Sometimes I found they are prond of it, but sometimes I found they worried about themselves in a narrow way, I thought they were dirty before, even when they said hello to me, I pretend didn’t know them. But when I knew other 6 friends and had an interview with them, my thought changed a lot...


Let me tell you a real story happened on a “poor woman”. She was from countryside, a poor family, she studied very hard, but she couldn’t go on learning because her young brother. She make effort to make money in big city, unfortunately had a cruelty boyfriend, finally they break up, then she met his right man who have been married many years. He is rich, he lived in Hongkong and have 2 kids, he is unhappy man until he met her...that girl told me they love each other, and he really nice to her, buying a house for her, buying books for her, and gave her much money. The girl sent money to her sick father and young brother. She was very happy when getting a news her brother go to college, her brother and brother’s girlfriend spent her money too. But in her brother wedding day, she got a message: sister, I dont want you attend my wedding...when her brother have kids, they have been lose in touch, just like strangers...and finally her lover’s wife know her, and curse her, she have to leave that men, but all the rest is herself and a empty big house..


This is life, this is the reality, this is like a deals...I agree with an theory---as long as there is demand, there will always be a market. No matter the desires or humanity, sometimes its hard to understand. people upset with status, desire has no rest.

A sad story ... in so many ways.


One thing bothers me most: "that girl told me they love each other, and he really nice to her, buying a house for her, buying books for her, and gave her much money". Did base her conclusion that he loved her on the material gifts he gave her? And would she have loved him without it?

of course not! but I think I can make sure she loves that man very much...she said they have many things in common, when she told some things, he always patience and gave her advice ect. she thought they loved each other in material and mental life, she really had many good memories in him except the material gifts and sexual life. Though I am very suspicious, and thought her insistence in vain. in some extent, she is not a poor woman,but a cute woman. simple and a stubborn idiot.

life is not easy, but you have a choice to make it better, these girls find the worst way to solve their problems. they are tools for solving men's middle-aged crisis.of course the men doesnt love her, what they have is passion, not real love, and very very few of the kind of relationship end up well.when you choose to be an " ERNAI", you give youself an identity of self-destruction. what's worse is they always find a way to justify their behaviour ( well... that is actually in human nature). maybe finding an excuse to free themselves from guilty or shame. as for me, i only have one feeling for these stupid girls: 可怜之人比有可恨之处

Yea, you want true love.   But you forget what if it won't happen.  I have many friends that had to break up because the parents wouldn't accept. 


just because their parents dont approve, doesnt mean they dont have true love. what does JULIA AND ROMEO tell us?



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