The below is very hot video that showed the Taichi Master show.

How do you think of?


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I will only believe on these kind of demonstrations if I participate on it


plus, the well known masters never do these kind of things, I wonder why =P

As fake as the Chinese kongfu movies!
No, this is more fake!

I am lost after watching this video.

From some criticism for the video, it said the "Master" is very important government officials and the entrepreneur and the National People's Congress. So that's why many people did like that to please her? 

I don't know why people do that

you can find many demonstrations like this on youtube

and they always look weird

and, like I said, you never see the recognized (by the martial arts community) chinese masters doing this weird demonstration....

Rearrange the words.. Shit bull.

I have some experience in martial arts, and I can confirm that it's possible to throw an opponent on the ground just using a few simple moves like the "master" up here... a pression in the right spot, a twist of the wrist, the right lever... and strenght just doesn't matter...

But this...


You are right.

CCTV reporter had test it and the reporter never move!

But the master said the reason is the reporter don't know the taichi. if the reporter knows taichi he will jump and dance.

Anyway it's FAKE.  

always the same explanation

and the most stupid one possible!

what she's basically saying is: "if you want to defend yourself from taichi, never learn it!"

great marketing skills!

good one

Yes, but SHHHHHHH! Keep it for yourself! We don't want the news to spread... Too many young lives have already been lost...

Sorry? The title "Taichi---China Kung Fu"

What the hell of difference between Taichi and Kungfu?

I practice Taichi in university, but I didn't think I do Kungfu...

Sorry?! I am the fake Chinese:(


that's for us waiguoren =P


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