I am looking for a gym / fitness centre in Xian inside the walls, does anybody know one that is good?

Thank you!

ps: I am also looking for a gym partner for motivation, so if anyone interested :)

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I was looking for a gym near my uni.But haven't find any good one.Life without sweating is killing me.I do some aerobic dancing and stuff.Do you like  the vedio of beachbody like INSANITY?

There is one called YATE sports club and it's pretty nice. They have really neat and nice dacing and yoga room. You might like it. Take Line 2 to 省体育馆 shng ti yu guan .

That is so near to me. Do you know if they do a monthly membership?

Sorry I have no idea about that. We have a double card for a year and it's 1200RMB.

Wow! That's quite good! I pay about 5000RMB a yeat for my gym in Malaysia :(

the one where i'm a member is out of the walls , vivo city if u know it 

it's a very nice gym 

The YATE sports center sounds nice. I am living inside the walls as well and would like to go to a gym, too. Maybe, I will have a look at the YATE, have you already been there?

No I don't know the YATE one! If you go and check it, please keep in touch with me :)


You can join Yate for 700 a year using this link

Thanks, but actually I will only stay until February! Do you know anything about shorter periods?

Yup they have a shorter period here:

http://xa.meituan.com/deal/4693096.html, 3 months

Yate has many sites so maybe one is close, I go to one east of the city.

Using the same site here you might be able to find a deal for a gym in your area

http://xa.meituan.com/category/jianshen, it has lots of discounts for various things around Xi'an


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