German food and beer at a nice place for reasonable prices, GOLDENER HANS

As you may know I am still new to Xi'An.

By chance - while shopping - I saw a place called 'GOLDENER HANS'. It is located TAIBAI SOUTH ROAD/DIANZI 1ST ROAD, close to Gaoxin Dianzi Square (Dicos fried chicken :-))

One pay 49 Yuan and you can eat as much and as long as you wish.

They offer about 20 (!) different type of meat (grilled, roasted, even including Bavarian veal sausage), many starters (soups, salads, hot & cold) as well as 1-2 dozens of desserts.

This is a real fair price for such a hugh selection, juices, mineral water and a good (!) coffee is included as well in these 49 Yuan.

The waiters are friendly and some of them understand basic English.

It is a restaurant in a typical German (Bavarian) style, I think they have about 300 to 400 seats, a nice atmosphere (like in a brewery), only the toilets are week.

For a German beer (0.5 liter) you have to pay 6 Yuan.

But on weeksends ... SAT and SUN ... you pay just ONE Yuan for a beer!

This is a great deal and so I will be there again on Sunday (24th of July) around 2 PM.

Maybe you are in the mood to join us.





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Awww dude, I would've liked to join you but I read this just now (at 2:30 pm).  I ate some so-so dim sum at Ya Tai Lai by myself for lunch :(


You should make these kinds of post sooner :p.  I mean 2 and a half hour notice isn't a lot of time.

I wasn't too impressed with the rest (read: salad bar) food there. But the meat was good and the dark beer is quite good. I wish they just had a bar type place where I could go and drink the beer but not eat the food.

a good place for eating out, i will take my family there for a dinner.

There are at least 2 of these restaurants in Xian. My wife took me to both locations. Food is not bad for the cost. This type of restaurant in the West is called Brazillian.

Tom, do you have the restaurant's phone Number?

So I can know the location.

maybe my friend and I can try it one day


I didn't expect a reply after one year :-)


And yes, there are two places like this.

One is insde the wall (east from Sourth Gate), smaller and not so interesting.

The much more better on is located at TaiBai an Lu / Dianzi 1st Lu and one find it in the same building like Ren Ren Le.

You cannot miss it.

In the meantime the special offer (1 Kuai for a beer) has ended. Now you pay 6 Kuai which is still very good for a fresh brewed beer.

After one year, this is still the cheapest western restaurant in Xi'an (in my eyes) with a good quality (food, German and western style).


There's another one in the mall on Jin hua nan lu (金华南路)

And there is one in the 4th floor of an nan cheng in xiaozhai too.

haha^^i went there with Timo before and he loved there as well~oh, we went to another one in the Dachaishi but it was the same restaurant


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