Hi !

I would like to know if there is a place where I can buy equipment to practice via ferrata.
I need :

- 1 harness 

- 1 lanyard

- 2 carabiners

- 1 shock absorber 

- Maybe one helmet 

Thank you in advance for your help ! :) 

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I don't know if my think is right but you can try to check this link:



Thank you for your answer. However, I want to find a shop in Xian. :)

Hi Vanlentin, I think you can find what you want near stadium, there are some outdoor supplies shops, but  much expensive. Or you can check on Decathlon near 南二环. As I know there are some spots club also rent sports equipment:)
If you really want to buy, I have a friend who love different sports and he runs an outdoor sports club, he knows where we can buy good sport stuff, and he will guide me to buy hiking shoes, it may much cheaper:) if you want to go buy with us, contact me soon:)
Ps: Nice to see you last night at Near Wall bar.


Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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