Hello there! I've noticed that there's not much of a fashion scene here! Probably because majority of the xi'an expat community wouldn't care less about what's trending and what lines are ripping the runways elsewhere in the world. Nonetheless, I am quite sure there a few out there, like me, that regard fashion and style as "their thing!" With that being said, if you have any information at all on whether there are some legit fashion designers/houses in xi'an that might have outlet stores elsewhere in china or the world, or any relevant info please let me know. It would be nice to actually have a fashion community and hold some fashion events or night outs every once in a while right here in xi'an, and not have to travel to beijing and shanghai all the time...


All comments and suggestions are welcome.


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I need pants, actually hehehe

I've only tried 2 chineses ones

but they were REALLY ugly

the second one actually made me look like I was wearing diapers ¬¬

actually I got a pair of pants from metersbonwe today, for 52 yuan only!!

hopefully they will last until the end of the winter


52?? that's Awesome! Good to know you got that sorted. :-)
周末来了, finally!! Zara Sale... woohoo!! B-)


is it a good sale?

I've been on Zara, and it was way too expensive =P


yeah, usually for women's footwear it is. Its always harder to find cool guys' stuff on sale, its always the unwearable not-so-good-looking stuff they put up, but for women's shoes they chop it down really low, so at least now you know where to buy your girlfriend's next pair of footwear delight! ;-)


there's something I would never do!

don't stand between a woman an her shoes!


except when appliable =P 

There's a fashion university on Jin Hua Nan Lu 金华南路 where they train up designers and models etc and there's also an arts fashion university to the East of Xiao Zhai.. 小寨 (not the music university, though preople seem to take a lot more care over how they look around there) They do a graduation fashion show there every year, some of my Chinese friends took to it a couple of years back, it was pretty impressive, though I've not been to any other fashion shows.. I still walk around wearing a 7 year old biker jacket and literally corroded converse (KuangWei?) so I'm probably not the best person to ask.. Maybe you could run a piece in Xi'anese helping out more fashion challenged people like myself buy decent clothes in Xi'an!

Fashion Schools? woah, i had no idea girls here even knew anything other than hello kitty! lol but that's great, am currently working for a fashion website based in Beijing and we basically promote upcoming fashion designers in china. One of our current discussions is to get the industry here revived or more like tapped into so I can have something to write about...

Kuangwei, i know those. hehe gatta love China! 

Tried running a piece in xi'anese before but their fashion writer bounced my shit, lol

Thanks for the help though and hey, you never know when 7 year old biker jackets will be back in. ;-)


Bounced by Xianese, that's tough.. Send it back with a couple of boneheaded jokes about Chuck Norris and I'm sure it'll get printed.. I'm going to break a major Xi'an fashion rule on the weekend and actually wear a suit and possibly blow some peoples minds, haha.. What's the address of your website anyway? Think you'll need to do a lot to jump start people here.. Me and my friend went to a halloween party as Derek Zoolander and Hansel but even Bluesteel (tm) couldn't break Xi'an..

I'm pretty sure there's more to life than being really, really ridiculously good looking, and I plan on finding out what that is


Hey, how did your mind-blowing weekend fashion bonanza go, done it yet? Once I get a hold of a good camera, I'm gonna start taking some street fashion shots for my blog, that should be fun.

Zoolander was hilarious, where was I last Halloween?! :(






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