Hello there! I've noticed that there's not much of a fashion scene here! Probably because majority of the xi'an expat community wouldn't care less about what's trending and what lines are ripping the runways elsewhere in the world. Nonetheless, I am quite sure there a few out there, like me, that regard fashion and style as "their thing!" With that being said, if you have any information at all on whether there are some legit fashion designers/houses in xi'an that might have outlet stores elsewhere in china or the world, or any relevant info please let me know. It would be nice to actually have a fashion community and hold some fashion events or night outs every once in a while right here in xi'an, and not have to travel to beijing and shanghai all the time...


All comments and suggestions are welcome.


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I'm not much of a fashion guy but I've noticed the lack of well dressed people in Xi'an as well, locals or expats. Maybe it's because the majority of the people here doesn't have the time or money to spend on such luxury. And those that do have the resources don't have the motivation to because of the lack of a fashion scene.

But come on girls! You dont have to be well off to make yourself presentable! No rain boots in bright orange with green stockings! No wearing pants underneathn your dress! That's just common sense!

I for one would love to see better dressed girls walking around the city wink wink
I shouldn't be a hippocrate though. The other day I went local and pulled my shirt up over my belly because it was so hot. It does feel good!

Hahahaha Trending: cropped tops for men! lol but yeah, the summers here are so hot, can't blame you!

True word what you said up there, you don't have to be well off to pull off a good look. I feel that if people paid more attention to their wardrobe, they would be more successful. It's not all superficial talk, its actually fact that looking like a power player inspires you to act like one, and the reverse is true. 

Doesn't apply to only women though, ever noticed why the guys with the good suits are always the ones who get promoted? And its also true what you said about not being motivated to dress like one normally would because of the lack of a proper fashion scene here. If investors knew people in Xi'an actually cared about fashion, maybe we'd have stores like H&M, C&A coming down here too. (those are my 2 favorite apparel stores and it breaks my heart that we don't have them here.)

I just bought 2 jackets from H & M yesterday


they're on Vivo City Mall, in the corner of Tai Bai Nan Lu with the Er Huan Lu (south 2nd ring)


but the prices are exactly the same as in Europe...

you can look the catalog (with the prices) in their website


on a more personal note, instead of pulling the shirt over the belly, I just take it off =P

I already got the starings anyway, so...


Vivo City? didn't know that existed around here, you just made my day!! Yippee... I've seen the catalog, spent my holiday in Beijing and I was a regular at the H&M in Dongzhimen, the prices are the same as in Europe but for some pieces its worth every penny.

Thanks for the info.

Oh and for the topless thing, the rule clearly states that less is always more, so knock yourself out! lol


that should be the one good rule



and yes, it's worth it =)

something that bothers me, is that you can go to a supermarket

and see a lot of clothes that look european, but although the quality is not the same, the prices are almost there... 

H&M, C&A ... fashion scene??


Please do not beat me, but C & A and H & M in Europe are among the cheapest producers of mass fashion.


2/3 of their production is made in Asia.


Major market is Germany (about 25% revenue).


For example, shoes from H & M are (in most cases) made ​​of plastic ... and not leather.


And if someone finds a leather shoe, you should be careful that the shoe does not lose his shoe soles after the first rain.


In Germany and France are clothing and shoes 3-5 times cheaper than comparable genuine brand products.


But everyone knows that they have a low quality and are designed only for a short season.


Example: plastic ladies shoes cost at H & M about 40 €, 80 € in leather. Similar brand products (leather) cost 200-500

Thanks Tom for that rather informed contribution but yes, I do regard apparel stores like H&M and C&A as fashion. I mean, they do produce ready to wear clothing and accessories which is basically what fashion constitutes. Whether they are expensive enough or as long lasting as the other high end brands out there, that's a different story all together. Of course I would have loved to mention all the brands that my mind could possibly think of to make my point as to how Xi'an doesn't have that much variety when it comes to "fashion" but I figured no one would take it as literal.


I will admit though, I do love H&M, C&A, Forever 21, Breshka... they are all very cheap, not so durable, fun and fresh, perfect for 21 year olds like myself and other folk that tend to be easily bored of a garment way before it's seams begins to give way.

That's not the point though. My main concern is to figure out why the average Xian expat will settle for being plain Jane and Joe from across the street when they can just I don't know, dress better?! and like Huey mentioned earlier in the thread, I think it's because everyone sort of loses motivation and just doesn't see why they should fuss. I mean why bother wearing my Karen Millen raffle dress to that office dinner when my boss is going to be wearing his favorite participants' t-shirt from last year's city marathon, right? lol It's all one big puzzle that am yet to solve. ;-)


well... I only wear clothes because I have to

so I don't really care about fashion hehehe

and I tend to always choose functionality over beauty, so I don't consider myself to be well dressed =P


curiously, I had a german friend that used almost the same exact words as Tom

so I don't know if it's something that the germans have agaisnt H & M hehe

I find it to be well made enough, and not that expensive

plus, they look much much much better than the chinese brands I've seen

and they are not that much expensive...



by the way, does anyone know a good place to buy a pair of pants (normal ones, black) other than H&M ? ;)

yeah, I'm all for functionality myself. 

Dunno where else you could get good pants, Zara maybe? I'll ask around... ;-)


hey Leo, saw this one "Heilan Home" store in Gaoxin today. It's basically a dude's store, the shirts are hideous but the pants are alright. Prices range from 150-450rmb and they gat all sizes ranging from 30 to 42. You should totally check it out, their number is 02989199508



Crowne Plaza Xi'an

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