Hello guys!
After having studied one year in Xi'an, my X visa is about to expire. So I've been looking for a way to stay here more, and I found a good internship in an hotel. The problem is that they require an F visa, but at the moment they can't give me the invitation letter due to a missing authorization from the government.

Long story short, I need a way to get an F visa...

I heard that some people used to enroll to some universities, so to obtain the invitation letter, and after used the visa freely to do their own business, but my university fee is 8000 kuai...

Do you have any suggestion? I really don't know where to ask...

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apparentlty there's a company in Hong Kong that do them for 2000HKD, 6 month, multiple entry.  That's all I know though, so u might have to do a bit of looking around on the internet for it.

I heard something like this, but a friend said that the law changed, and it's not possible anymore... :(

Where have you heard that?

Don't believe people who talk about things they have never tried by themselves.

I know someone who went to HK and got what he needed ... in April

This sounds interesting indeed... can you give me the email of this person?
Before paying ticket and getting lost in HK I'd like to have more informations :)


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