Where, in your humble opinion, would you say is a good place to hang out and drink booze in Xian? I've only been here a short time and am completely clueless (as in places to go, not in general).

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If you live near the Gaoxin area, there's also Green Molly's which has more of a hardwood brit-type feel to it located on Keji Lu.  If you live in the Yanta area, there's a German bar directly opposite the Indian restaurant (which is tops).

If you're missing that little bit of Empire, the chaps I work with go and flaunt it at the Shangri-La for 80rmb a beer.

And make sure to go on the next pub crawl. You'll get a tour of all the chinese bars.

Belgian Bar is probably my favourite. It has a ground floor and basement. Sometimes music, pub quiz at least ones a month. The waiters are helpful and there's a good selection of beers.

Park Qin, don't go there often. Too crowded, too many tourists and the service is slow and not always friendly. 

Aperture is an excellent place when they have dance nights or concerts. Vice Versa can be fun as well if they have an event going on.

Green Molly could be an excellent place. Irish pub, but unfortunately the music the play is awful, which often destroys the atmosphere. Also, the Chinese people that go there are a bit upper-class and posh. Still, when you live in Gaoxin it's the closets half-decent place and it can be fun if you go there with a group of friends. Note though that without a membership card prices are outrageously high (a 60 kuai pint of Hoegaarden will be 100 kuai in that case and a small Heineken 35 kuai).

The little restaurant at the back of the hostel that has Park Qin in the basement can be nice to chill out and have a beer. They also have sheesha (waterpipe).

Near Da Yanta the D2 bar is pretty nice.

Fantasy is the best place to go dancing, but it can be crowded, the drinks are expensive and the guards really unfriendly. Also, some of the locals that go there are sometimes a bit annoying. It's good to close the night after drinking elsewhere.

In the summer, having a beer on a kao rou (BBQ) place in the street or just buying a case of beer and hanging out in a nice park is also recommended. 

Park Qin is good.. and the people are fun and easy-going

what is aperture.. never heard before.. is it fun?

man I just got here and I am completely clueless about this place! i heard of 1+1, fantasy, and Belgian, probably gonna hit it up this week if anyone is down

Belgian bar eh...which night is it live there?

awesome dude i think i will b attending

which one do you think is better, aperture or Belgian bar

Let's say I just want to go by myself and meet new people, by people i mean english speaking people, and be chilled out with the music n crowd, which one would u suggest

I heard Club Salsa and Narnia is very good. Has anyone been to these places? I am a student at Xibei University and haven't learned the neighborhoods yet. ^_^


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